10 Natural Ways for Better Sleep

“Sleep is the golden chain that binds health and our bodies together”. This maxim holds true across all cultures and geographies. Depriving sleep will make you not just irritable on a daily basis but also affect your metabolic rate, digestive system and make you susceptible to various ailments and life threatening diseases. Sleep is the best meditation that you can give your body. An adult needs 6.5 to 8 hours sleep daily depending on their exhaustion levels which are not just physical but also mental level.

The sleep wake cycles known as the Circadian Cycle affects the daily rhythms of your sleep. Hormones such as Melatonin, Cortisol and Serotonin also affect your sleep. An understanding in these working will help you get peaceful sleep. The fine balance of quality and quantity of sleep is required to maintain optimum health levels.

Here are 10 Natural ways to have better sleep. We give the various easy and natural to do things that can positively alter your habits with regards to SLEEP SCHEDULES, BED TIME HABITS & DAY-TO-DAY LIFESTYLE CHOICES.


Fix Bed Times – Always fix your sleep times at night and have a fixed time to wake up. Try to stick to this schedule even during weekends. Doing this on a regular basis will eventually led to you not needing an alarm clock

Naturally regulate Circadian Cycle – Sticking to fixed timings of sleeping and waking up will help in regulating the body sleep wake cycle. You will no longer have to yawn your mornings in snoozing the alarm clock

Go to Bed when you are tired – Hit the sack only when you are tired. Tossing in bed and counting numbers will only led to more lethargic next day. In case if you feel sleepless after hitting the bed, get out of the bed and do something relaxing and come back only after feeling sleepy


Always sleep in dark – Our body starts secreting Melatonin after sunset. This hormone is a switch off button for our body and to help it relax. Lights of any kind prohibit the secretion of this hormone leading to alertness of the mind. Melatonin is a natural way for your body to let go of its guard and relax

Create your own relaxing bedtime routine – Stress free routines such as planning what to wear the next day, light reading, soothing music or relaxing scents will help in enhancing sleep quality. Create a routine. Do not add any novelty factor. A new scent can wake up your senses. A soothing hot water bath before bedtime can also help in making you sleep better

Avoid Technology – The blue light emitting from TV, Smart phones, Laptops, and Tablets affects your sleep. Do not watch any of these before dozing off. Switch off all these electronic gadgets and avoid its usage near night time


Avoid Caffeine, Nicotine after 2pm – Coffee, Tea, Alcohol, Smoking affects the quality of your sleep. These are better avoided for a relaxing night sleep. Caffeine, Nicotine found in these substances is known to alert your brain and also making your blood pressure to shoot up. These substances will be a hindrance to a good night’s sleep

Do not exercise 4 hours before your sleep time – Exercising makes your body secrete Cortisol. A stress hormone which immediately puts your body in an awake state

Have a light dinner – Avoid having greasy, oily, high carb dinner. This activates your digestive system and keeps you from getting peaceful sleep. Do not have anything heavy 2 hours prior to your sleep time

Bed should be to sleep – Avoid bringing work to your bed. Dedicate your bed to only sleeping. Create a nice, cozy place only to sleep. Avoid working, eating, drinking or even talking on phone while you are in your Bed Zone

These easy and natural ways will guarantee you quality and peaceful sleep. Every morning you will wake up fresh and energized to carry on your each day with aplomb.



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